Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crafty Deed of the Day- Table/Desk Skirt

     Okay, so since this is my first blog post, I'm going to sort of introduce this segment. This segment is where I will show you the main crafty thing I did today. This is good for you because since I only have a day to do the craft, It will we simple, easy, costs little money, but yet beautiful and high quality.
     So today I decided that since I had a "chair hole" in my desk, I needed to cover that up, so I made a desk skirt.


  • Fabric (any kind works)
  • Staple Gun
  • Desk/ Table (ha ha ha)
  • Ribbon/ garland
  • Fabric Tac
  • OPTIONAL: embellishments
  1. Measure your desk/table all the way around and get fabric needed. Make sure to allow at least 2x the amount of fabric needed to have room for pleading.
  2. Put a staple at the very end of your desk/table, one at the very start, and one in the middle.
  3. Starting at one half (any half is fine) straighten the fabric out and make a V shape with the fabric, then push the fabric back to the desk/table and put it in the middle of the one half you already made. Continue this step until you get to the point where there is little left on that half then push both of the sides that are left and plead them together.
    Repeat step four onto the other half
  4. Now add ribbon along the top, with fabric tac, to cover the staple marks
  5. Now is where you can add any embelishments if you wanted to. I choose to leave mine because I decided that the print was busy enough!
                                            Thanks! -Maddy

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