Monday, January 31, 2011

Crafty Deed of the Day- Rainbow beaded coiled bracelet

...Good Night Guys...
I guess it would only be right to say that! I know that it's really late but I had a lot of things to get through, as all of you may know! This bracelet is color and easy to make. Note: your can adjust this bracelet to how you want it. I did a 12 coiled one with rainbow seed beads. You can change that to anything you'd like, like a 7 coiled one with purple e-beads. Just remember, bring YOUR creativity to this, and have fun!  So, here's the bracelet!

(sorry it it's distorted! I didn't have any other pictures of the bracelet!)

  • Any beads of your choice
  • Wire bracelet coil (any amount of coil you choose, I used 12)
  • Wire tools
  1. Gather the amount of wire coil desired and make a loop at one end to keep the beads from falling off while you string them on
  2. String the beads of your choice on the wire to fill it up
  3. To finish, make a loop at the un-finished end to hold all of your beads on the bracelet
Done! This bracelet can be a statement! Strut your stuff ladies! Good luck!
                                                                     Thanks!  -Maddy

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