Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reycled Inspirations

Hi guys!
The temperatures are still really cold, and the snow heights are still really tall so I was stuck inside all day again! I tried to take advantage of that time but I had a creative block today! I did get to thinking though, about recycled crafts. The possibilities are endless! For example, yesterday, when making cheese dip with the Velveeta cheese block, I was about to throw the empty box away when I felt how strong the box was. So, I decided I would later cover the box in either music notes, comic pages, or scrapbook paper. I'm saving the box so it will become a Crafty Deed of the Day. For another example, when your done with your coke bottles yank off the top tabs and start to collect them. This way, when you collect at leas 22, you can make a bracelet! Remember, recycling things aren't all trash. A lot of those things have great potential!!! In honor of this, tomorrow through February 8, 2011 are going to have Crafty Deeds of the Day that require recycled things that every one will have around the house. Have fun with the things you have around the house! Good Luck!
                                                                Thanks! -Maddy

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