Friday, January 28, 2011

Rummage Sale Finds

Hey Everyone!
I mentioned in my Craft Deed of the Day- Candle Holder post that my mom and I went rummage sale shopping today. Like I said, it was very busy and we didn't get the time to really look around and see what was there, didn't find anything vintage, but I was still able to pick up a couple of things for future crafts:

What I found, as you can see, was a lot of Mary Englebreit products like coasters for my room and stationary. But I also picked up all of those wooden hearts (3-different-sizes) for $1.00!! What a steal!! I have a project for them for valentines day. They will be coming up soon in a Craft Deed of the Day! I hope you have good rummaging this weekend!
                                                 Until next time, -Maddy

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